Gone In The Dark Synopsis

The peace of an imperfect family is shattered when a twisted serial criminal invades their home. Charlie, his wife, Shannon and their five year old son, Sammie must work together if they are to overcome the deranged man, who’s terrible intentions are to shake them awake from their American dream.

Set in late 70’s suburban California and based on actual events, this award wining short film chronicles the terrifying methods of the unidentified serial killer known as The Golden State Killer (aka The Original Night Stalker aka The East Area Rapist).

Director Steven Moreno

Steven was born in New York and raised in New Jersey. Enchanted by the creative collaboration and controlled chaos of setlife…the process of filmmaking has been his only calling. For nearly two decades, he has been involved with almost all creative facets of the entertainment industry. Currently residing in Los Angeles, he considers himself a filmmaker, a dreamer, and a warrior poet.

"Gone in the Dark" Production

Gone in the Dark was shot using was shot on a RED Epic on vintage Kowa Spherical lenses, provided by Panavision Hollywood

Six Digits Productions presents

a film by Steven Moreno "Gone in the Dark"

Executive Producers Alexander Abbott, Randy Johnson, James Favazzo, Steven Moreno
Produced by Christian Fauntleroy, Erwann Marshall, Amanda Marshall
Starring Wes Mcgee, Lindsay Wolf, Carter Johnson with Kurt Caceres
Associate Producer Ken Mowe
Co-Producer Shawn Laksa
Production Coordinator Alecc Bracero
Story by Alexander Abbott

Casting Director Nina Carnazza
Music by Rick Kurek
Costume Designer Shawna Barbeau
Edited by Joe Tornatore and Phillip Trudel
Production Designer Keseh Morgan
Director of Photography Robert C Webb
Written and Directed by Steven Moreno

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